I am a Master Gardener who can help turn any outdoor space, regardless of the size, into an extremely productive and efficient garden. Knowing where your produce comes from is important. With the help of Big City Gardener, you will; right from your own garden. At BCG our mission is to get everyone growing as much of his or her own produce as possible. Growing your own food will help you to save money & reduce food waste. Let’s change the outlook of the world- one garden at a time.


Garden Design
Big City Gardener can help you turn your outdoor space, into a rewarding and abundant garden. Since every garden is different, the design phase begins with a visit to the project site.
BCG works with our clients from start to finish, providing a complete service experience. We understand, that when investing in landscaping you want it to not only look amazing...
Onsite and online coaching is available. As a coach, BCG wants to help you save money, time, and labor by helping you make informed decisions about plants, soil, tools, and fertilizers.


South Shore Harbor ClientThank You Big City Gardener
I am an avid gardener who loves to plant flowers, perennials, and veggies. Whenever I come across a problem or issue, I always email BCG and get an immediate response. He helps keep my garden green and flourishing.
South Shore Harbor Client
This summer I wanted to start a small herb garden, I don't have a lot of space but thought I could benefit from a balcony garden. I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully I found Big City Gardener. They were super helpful and got me set up in no time! They provided me with a ton of information and gave me tips I probably never would have found out on my own. My little garden is thriving, and I am beyond pleased! Thank you
Thank You Big City Gardener