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How to Divide Perennials

How To Divide Perennials

Hey folks, our post for today is something related to our previous topic – last but not the least. Check out these guidelines on how to divide perennials. But before you do, here are important reminders: Divide perennials on a cloudy, overcast day as dividing on a hot sunny day can cause the plants to […]

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Top Perennials For Your Garden

Top Perennials For Your Garden

Perennials are plants that re-grow every year from the same rootstock that you planted once. True perennials die back during the winter months and reemerge in the spring. Some perennials only last a few years, while others may last for decades. For more information, read here. Now, let’s discover what are the top perennials for your […]

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Benefits of Urban Agriculture

benefits of urban agriculture

Hey folks, last week we talked about what urban agriculture is. I hope it was a good start to learn more about this amazing process of growing. Today, let’s tackle the benefits of urban agriculture. When you start to search for the top cities associated with Urban Agriculture you see some mind-blowing things. A majority the […]

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What is Urban Agriculture

what is urban agriculture

Urban agriculture can be defined as growing, processing, and distribution of food and animal products by locals and for locals within an urban setting.  Examples of Urban Agriculture include but are not limited to :  community and backyard gardens rooftop and balcony gardening  growing in vacant lots Aquaculture and hydroponics  market farms  raising livestock and […]

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