Adding to the Flock

I added  53 more baby chicks to add to my flock, 3 roosters, and 50 more pullets.  These chicks were ordered from Ideal Poultry in Cameron, TX.  I really like this hatchery.  Anytime I have ever had any problems with my shipment, they quickly found a solution.  If some chicks arrived dead or under the weather, they would ship replacements out on the next shipping date.  Since I am in TX, all orders are delivered in one day.  This is extremely important for day-old poultry.  Upon hatching, they eat the yolk sack.  This will provide nutrients for the first few days of the chicks life.  Anyway, these pullets are a mix of assorted varieties.  I am interested to see which breeds I end up with, I know that I have a few Buff Orpingtons in there. I got a few roosters so I should never have to purchase day-old chicks again.

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