Fermented Chicken Feed

Do you eat/drink fermented foods?  Kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt or Tempeh to name a few.  Fermenting foods has been around forever.  Well, I don’t know about forever, but it has been around for an incredibly long time.  Well, a quick rundown on the benefits; Fermentation is a process of preserving food and creating all sort of beneficial enzymes, bacteria, and probiotics, basically, a party in your gut that keeps your insides healthy.  Well apparently the same thing applies for chickens, you can ferment their feed.  Feeding chickens fermented feed will cut drastically reduce your feed since fermenting causes the feed to expand and double in size.  Also, those same probiotics that work wonders in our guts do the same to the chickens. These probiotics will lead to more production of nutrient-rich eggs.  I am starting to feed my chickens at the fermented farm feed, its easy and the benefits outweigh the few extra minutes worth of work I will have to do daily.  Plus the chickens seem to prefer the fermented feed over the dry feed anyway.  

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