Pondering "Pot"head?


Pondering Pothead is a collection of my thoughts and Ideas.  The ideas that usually come to me while meditating, riding my bike or just living my everyday life.  Here I will talk about everything from gardening to sports to the ways of the world and everything in between. The goal of this blog; post consistently five times a week or more and to use this as an outlet, a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings.  So, If you see me slipping, please send me a message and remind me of my initial goal, please. If that sounds annoying well go ahead and leave now.  If it looks like something that interest you just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Where are we going on this ride?  It doesn’t matter.  A good friend of mine used to tell me to stop asking about the end goal and where we are going, just enjoy the ride.  The memories and stories that we are going to remember and relive come from the trip.  So come and ride through my mind with me.


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