Potato Harvest

Today I am harvesting Potatoes.  I did not mulch these potatoes, they were literally planted in the ground, watered, and left to do their thing.  I know had I hilled them  I essentially would have doubled my yield.  Its cool these potatoes will be donated to Loaves and Fish on Congress and Chartres.  If you have never heard of them, check them out.  They serve hot meals to homeless citizens of Houston daily.  I planted 8Lb of Seed potatoes and actually ended up harvesting over 25LBs.  Red Lasoda and white kinnebec were the best producers out of the varieties that were planted.  Come to the fall I'm going to plant 6 rows of these potatoes again.  Time plant pigeon peas in the beds where the spuds were growing.  Crop Rotation is vital to the soil food web.


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