Berry Basil Jalapeño Jam

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Berry Basil Jalapeño Jam

Changing it up this week and sharing something sweet. Don’t let the jalapeños keep you from trying this recipe as you can always omit them or try to just use one. Also any berries can be used- so here’s:

Berry Basil Jalapeño Jam
1️⃣. 6 oz of raspberries & strawberries
2️⃣. 3 jalapeños (mine were homegrown so they’re smaller)
3️⃣. 1/2 cup packed basil
4️⃣. Juice of 1 orange
5️⃣. Juice of 1 lemon
6️⃣. 1 cup of sugar

➡️ Add berries to small saucepan & muddle the berries using the back of a spoon

➡️ In a blender or food processor add basil, jalapeños, juice of orange and lemon, & sugar & blend
➡️ Add blender basil mixture to saucepan

➡️ Place saucepan on medium low heat for about 30 mins (stir occasionally and continue to smash berries)
➡️ Take off heat & allow the jelly to sit- it will thicken up
➡️ Transfer jelly to a sealable container & keep in refrigerated

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