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I get asked this question often, “ What’s your best advice for a new gardener?” I usually say “Nothing goes as planned, you have to have patience,  or with gardening, you’re always learning something new.”

I posted the same question on an IG post & I thought it would be cool to compile the list of my answers. So here we go:

  1. Plan, plan, plan

  2. Research what varieties grow best in your area

  3. Start with just a few plants .

  4. Start with container gardening

  5. Grow things you know you’ll eat

  6. When you don’t succeed, don't be afraid to try again

  7. Keep a journal- what/when/where you planted things. What worked and what didn’t work. You can use these notes in the following seasons.

  8. Nothing is a failure- just a lesson learned

  9. Don’t only grow something because someone else said it is easy

  10. Visit other gardens and see what you like

  11. Don’t try and make everything perfect plant something

  12. Have fun with it

  13. Don’t plant things too closely- everything needs its space

  14. Remember why you’re growing your food

  15. Don’t harvest early; every plant has an entire life cycle

  16. “The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow.”

  17. Have patience and trust

  18. Soil conditions are critical to the plant's survival

  19. No such thing as a garden failure- just an experiment and notes for success

  20. Don’t let your hard work go to waste- eat what you grow

  21. Even experts learn something new every day

  22. Try new varieties of a vegetable/fruit that you like

  23. Observe your garden every day

  24. Get advice from other gardeners

  25. If your plan doesn’t work out, you’re not alone

  26. At first, bugs may gross you out, but that will pass

  27. If you plan on gardening and having chickens be sure to fence in your garden beds

  28. Start with what you have and where you are

  29. Planting one cherry tomato and Swiss chard will boost your confidence in your ability to grow food

  30. Be diligent

  31. Enjoy the process

  32. Remember to invest in your soil

  33. Don’t get overwhelmed

  34. There will be gross things, and you have to touch them

  35. Invest in some good gloves

  36. Accept that your garden will never be maintenance free

  37. You will learn life lessons in the garden

  38. Keep trying new things

  39. Start a compost bin/pile

  40. There’s a lot of different ways to do things - find what works for you

  41. Careful when watering your garden- you don't want to overwater

  42. Find which products work for you (seeds, tools, soil, soil amendments). You do nto need to buy everything

  43. The most expensive tools do not make you the best gardener

  44. Don’t be afraid to speak to your plants

  45. Some plants will do better than others

  46. A little dish soap and warm water in a spray bottle is an invaluable defense against bugs

  47. Make friends with other gardeners. Join a gardening club

  48. Have fun with it

  49. Try starting with something hardy as they are easier to grow

  50. Get into the habit of going and checking on your garden every single day

  51. Not everything you plant is going to succeed, that’s okay

  52. Don’t be afraid to move a plant if she’s not happy


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