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Native plants are amazing. They are built to withstand the local conditions and made to succeed. They are region specific and have developed and naturalized over time. Here in Texas, that means they can withstand the extreme heat conditions and have evolved to flourish with minimal watering. They are low maintenance because they are built to succeed in our environment.  Life depends on these native plants. They bring the pollinators, other beneficial insects, birds, and wildlife to the area. They are the backbone of a successful and productive ecosystem.

Another perk of native plants; these plants are the preferred nectar sources sir butterflies.  If you know me, then you know I’m all about the butterflies, beneficials and beautiful flowers. Here is a list of Texas native plants which also happen to be nectar sources for butterflies:

·       Texas white allium

·       Flame Acanthus

·       Pink Coral Vine

·       Hinkleys yellow Colombine

·       Green Wild Indigo

·       Texas Green eyed daisy

·       Tangerine beauty crossvine

·       Scarlet bouvardia

·       American beautyberry

·       Winecup

·       American basket flower

·       Flowering dogwood

·       Texas craggily

·       Purple coneflower

·       Daisy fleabane

·       Rattlesnake master

·       Gregg’s mistflower

·       Indian blanket

·       Dark pink whirling butterfly bush

·       Sparkle white butterfly bush

·       Maximillian sunflower

·       Prairie nymph

·       Texas Lantana

·       Gayfeather

·       Bluebonnet

·       Red Turks Cap

·       Pink supreme monarda

·       Lemon beebalm

·       White penstemon

·       Pavonia rock rose

·       Córrela obedient plant

·       Mexican hat

·       Texas coneflower

·       Scarlet Sage

·       Evolution salvia

·       Mexican bush sage

·       Pink skullcap

·       Rosinweed

·       Suwannee blue-eyed grass

·       Gulf vervain

·       Orange Zexmenia

·       Southwest pipevine

·       Swamp milkweed

·       Common milkweed

·       Aquatic milkweed

·       Green milkweed

·       Flowery senna

·       Partridge pea

·       Texas persimmon

·       Frog fruit

·       Love-In-a-mist passion vine

·       Red bay

·       Black willows

·       Little bluestem

·       Mexican buckeye


Try planting some of these varieties. The butterflies and beneficial insects will thank you.

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