The Benefits of Composting

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In a nutshell, composting is a term that describes turning waste into a valuable product.  Composting is the biological decomposition of organic materials with the help of bacteria, fungi, worms and other organisms under controlled aerobic environment.

Think about nature, this is a naturally occurring process.  When it comes to a forest, the plains or any ecosystem, there is no waste.  Everything decomposes Lion King style in the circle of life.  When you begin the process of composting in your garden, you are recreating this naturally occurring phenomenon. 

There is a reason why composting is referred to as “black gold” by gardeners and farmers.  It has many benefits that are not easily reproduced.  Tell me another product that can do the following;

1.       Improves the soil- Compost is filled with billions of microorganisms.  When introduced to your garden you are bringing life and helping to rebuild and strengthen the soil food web.

2.       Aids in water retention of the soil- Compost helps create air pockets which improve the soil obtain a  sponge-like, water retaining consistency.

3.       Increases soil aeration- Improves soil tilth or consistency.  Adds more air pockets, so the roots can efficiently work their way through the soil.

4.       Adds essential nutrients to the soil- Since compost is decomposed organic matter we add the ingredients to be composted.  We can gauge the inputs and ass the food scraps, coffee grounds, leaves, and other materials decompose the nutrients become available.

5.       Stabilizes the pH- Compost helps bring the pH to 7 or neutral which is a favorite of most plants

6.       Suppresses plant disease- Compost helps to increase the number of soil organisms.  This increase in microorganisms has been scientifically proved to strengthen plants ability to resist diseases and pest.

7.       Helps save money- High-quality compost is not cheap, nor should it be.  By making our own compost, we can reduce the need to purchase outside compost.  Also, by making our own compost, we can gauge the inputs.

8.       Improves soil food web-  Compost introduces billions of microorganisms to the soil.  These organisms help make nutrients in the soil available for the plants.

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