No more black thumbs


I hate hearing the phrase, "I have a black thumb." First, I hate the negative connotation associated with black, that's a different story, and it also just sounds like an excuse.

            There is no such thing as a black thumb.   There is such a thing as a serial plant killer but not someone who cannot garden.  You kill many plants because you don't know what to do, but you can just grow it if armed with the correct information.  I do not accept that mindset, and you should not either.  I believe certain people are born with an innate ability when it comes to plants, sure.  But there are also people born with a natural ability to sing, play sports, or a plethora of other things that does not stop millions of people from doing these same things.  Everyone will not be Jordan or Kobe, but everyone can still play ball.  Everyone can Just Grow It. 

            We live in a society where instant gratification is readily available.  Let me tell you that you will rarely receive instant gratification from the garden.  Maybe, after you finish weeding and adding compost to the beds, you may feel accomplished.  But for that genuine feeling of gratification, it takes time.  It takes time to have a healthy, thriving soil food web.  It takes time for that fruit tree you planted to grow and produce sweet fruits.  And it takes time after you start that seed until you are harvesting your kale, squash, or tomatoes. Gardening is a throwback to when things were simpler.  The saying," good things come to those who wait," was probably coined by a gardener.  Before we can Just Grow it, I need you to remember this. 

 I have a saying, "grow with your garden and let your garden grow with you." I mean, crawl before you walk and walk before you run.  Before you decide, I will convert my entire yard into a garden, starting with a smaller section.  Start with different types of plants.  Give yourself time to experience all aspects of your garden through all seasons before adding on to it.  Start with containers. Then after a season or two under your belt and know this gardening thing is for you, go wild and JUST GROW IT.

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    What would you recommend for someone who would live in an apartment? With less outdoor space then 3’x5’ patio/balcony space?

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