Plants that repel Mosquitoes

Plants that repel Mosquitoes


If you are not aware, I live in the great city of Houston, Tx., and I love it. Well, not everything about it. Since Houston is down here on the Gulf Coast, we have to deal with mosquitoes in the summer months. You can’t be outside for more than 30 seconds before you start to get swarmed and attacked. Now you could douse yourself in mosquito repellent or light citronella candles. I prefer to use plants to help repel the critters.

 Now while growing these plants will help, they will not solve all of the problems/issues. So, line your balcony, outdoor patio, or gathering space with these plants. After the plants have been growing, you will use the plants to create a plethora of mosquito repellent creations.

Here are some plants to add to your garden to help repel mosquitoes. You will notice that a majority of the plants on the list have a lemon smell. These plants are full of essential oils that mosquitoes prefer to avoid. Now just because you plant these plants does not mean that you are guaranteed to be mosquito-free. The trick or secret is what you can do with all of these plants. You can make a natural repellent that does not include deet. You can also make candles that help repel the mosquitoes and even make infused essential oils. The simplest way to use these plants is grab a few leaves and crush them in your hand. Then rub the secreted oils onto your exposed skin.

  1. Citronella
  2. Lemongrass
  3. Basil
  4. Lavender
  5. Catmint
  6. Rosemary
  7. Lemon Thyme
  8. Eucalyptus

Also, be sure to check your area for standing water because this is where mosquitoes breed. Growing all of the mosquito repellent plants and making all the repellents in the world will not help you if your area is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 


It looks like it is time to plan which of these plants you will add to your garden. Better yet, how are you going to add all of these plants to your garden?




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