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Butterfly Pea

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Butterfly Pea FlowersRecently there has been a fad taking the culinary world by storm. If you have been paying attention you have seen all sort of lavender and different shades of blue dishes coming about.  Contrary to popular belief, these dishes are not colored by food coloring. Instead, there is a flower that is taking the world by storm; this flower is the butterfly pea.  Everyone is obsessed with the color-changing properties, in my opinion, that is the least important thing it does. The butterfly pea is a native of Southeast Asia and has been a part of the cultures...

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Butterfly host plants

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Are you looking to build a butterfly garden? If so, you need to understand the entire life cycle of the butterflies. Everyone talks about the importance of nectar plants, but are you familiar with host plants?  Whenever you see butterflies visiting your garden, they are looking for nectar and hosts plants. Hosts plants are vital to the success of any butterfly garden. Hosts plants are where butterflies lay their eggs, and they are the only source of food for the caterpillars. Think about that for a second. The butterfly travels around and gathers nectar but will only lay her eggs...

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