What is Companion Planting?

In life, some people make you better, or some leave you worse off.  Don’t worry. This is still a gardening blog. When it comes to gardening, this statement remains true.  Some plants benefit from being planted near each other, while others suffer when planted near each other.  So if you knew you could produce aContinue reading “What is Companion Planting?”

Fertilizers: How To Use Them On Seedlings and Plant Starts

So, you have planted your own seeds and they have sprouted. Now what? Seedlings are no different than their fully grown counterparts, they need to fertilizers just the same.   When it comes to seedlings, you should begin fertilizing as soon as they have their first set of true leaves. What are true leaves?  When seedlings sprout,Continue reading “Fertilizers: How To Use Them On Seedlings and Plant Starts”

What Are Perennials

What if you could plant something once and receive a harvest yearly? If that sounds interesting to you, then you should investigate perennials. I know I am mainly talking about edible gardening here. Perennials are plants that will live for more than two seasons, and I like to think of perennials as plants that willContinue reading “What Are Perennials”