Growing Fruit Trees: Your Complete Guide

No gardening space is complete without fruit trees or bushes. These perennials are an excellent way to add low-maintenance high-reward crops to your landscape. These are the best plants you can add to your space. 1. They provide nutrient-dense delicious food. 2. Provide habitat for birds and pollinators. 3. Their roots help to prevent soilContinue reading “Growing Fruit Trees: Your Complete Guide”

The Importance of Sun Exposure

There are three essential contributors to the success of a garden, sunlight, water, and soil health. As gardeners, we must understand what we can control in our garden and how to work with nature.  We can feed the soil to make sure it is healthy, and we can install irrigation to ensure that our gardenContinue reading “The Importance of Sun Exposure”

Growing Calendula: Your Complete Guide

If I could only grow one flower for the rest of my life, it would be calendula. It is easy to grow, blooms for a long time, and has many benefits besides being beautiful. Calendula is an edible flower that possesses a multitude of health benefits. Check out this article where we talk about everythingContinue reading “Growing Calendula: Your Complete Guide”

Growing Radish: Your Complete Guide

“The real secret to growing this little vegetable is speed: Sow a short row frequently, thin them quickly, keep them watered, eat them quickly, and sow some more.” West Coast Seeds Radishes are a quick maturing and easy-to-grow root crop that you can add to any growing space.  I was never a fan of radishesContinue reading “Growing Radish: Your Complete Guide”

Growing Garlic: Your Complete Guide

What if I told you that it was possible to grow your garlic?  Believe it or not, this herbaceous vegetable is easy to grow and can be grown in every climate.  No raised beds or garden beds to plant? That’s not an issue because you can grow garlic in containers.  If you’re ready to learnContinue reading “Growing Garlic: Your Complete Guide”

Growing Lettuce: Your Complete Guide

One of my favorite crops to grow is lettuce. While I don’t spend much time discussing or showing it on my IG page, it is a staple in my garden during fall, winter, and early spring. Why? Because it is fast-growing and relatively pest and disease free. This article will discuss who should grow lettuce, whenContinue reading “Growing Lettuce: Your Complete Guide”

Mulching: What You Need To Do For A Better Growing Environment

Mulching is one of the purest and most beneficial practices you can use in a garden. Leaving soil exposed to the elements can cause topsoil erosion and promote weed growth.  Mulch protects the ground, providing a protective material layer on top of the soil. Organic mulches include grass clippings, straw, bark chips, and similar materialsContinue reading “Mulching: What You Need To Do For A Better Growing Environment”

5 Ways To Help Pollinators

Pollinators are responsible for over 40% of the world’s food supply. The life of abundance and options in the food world that we know exists because of pollinators’ work. With the population of pollinators declining throughout parts of the USA, we owe it to ourselves to help the pollinators.   The main reason for the declineContinue reading “5 Ways To Help Pollinators”

Growing Basil For An Unending Supply

Basil is the ultimate summer herb. I mean, what is there to dislike about it? There are endless varieties, each with its distinct fragrant smell and taste. Summer meals like garden pizza, pasta, or even sauces are not the same without fresh garden basil. If you don’t like fresh basil, try making and freezing pestoContinue reading “Growing Basil For An Unending Supply”

What is Cold Stratification

Stratification is the conditions a seed is exposed to to get them to germinate. When people think about this stratification process, they often think of the moist and warm temperature needed to get the job done. These conditions are not always the case. In the wild particular plants flower in late fall. These plants produceContinue reading “What is Cold Stratification”