Organic Nitrogen Sources

There is nothing more vital than excellent organic nitrogen sources during the vegetative state.  If you are growing synthetically, you can just grab any fertilizer and apply it with no extra thought. But, if you are growing organically, I hope everyone reading this is, you have a more difficult choice for organic nitrogen sources.   Nitrogen isContinue reading “Organic Nitrogen Sources”

Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Frost Dates

As a beginner gardener, the term frost dates is often heard or seen. Every seed catalog or website you come across will have these two terms first frost date and last frost date. These terms are essential for gardeners. Misinterpret or neglect this information, and you run the risk of reduced or decreased harvest, stuntedContinue reading “Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Frost Dates”

Mushroom Blocks

Most medicinal and gourmet mushrooms are grown on mushroom blocks. Nowadays more and more people are realizing the power of mushrooms. That means there are more people than ever growing these mushrooms. Dope, I know! The medicinal and gourmet mushroom industry has more than doubled in the past 5 years.  What are mushroom blocks? Mushrooms blocks are madeContinue reading “Mushroom Blocks”

What is Companion Planting?

In life, some people make you better, or some leave you worse off.  Don’t worry. This is still a gardening blog. When it comes to gardening, this statement remains true.  Some plants benefit from being planted near each other, while others suffer when planted near each other.  So if you knew you could produce aContinue reading “What is Companion Planting?”

Why Every Garden Needs A Water Feature

Water. Everything on this planet needs water. To a gardener, it is the most vital aspect of gardening to consider. You could have the ultimate gardening space, with ample sunlight and vasts amount of land, but without a water feature, it is worthless.  I have seen many available gardening plots in California that had incredibleContinue reading “Why Every Garden Needs A Water Feature”

Fertilizers: How To Use Them On Seedlings and Plant Starts

So, you have planted your own seeds and they have sprouted. Now what? Seedlings are no different than their fully grown counterparts, they need to fertilizers just the same.   When it comes to seedlings, you should begin fertilizing as soon as they have their first set of true leaves. What are true leaves?  When seedlings sprout,Continue reading “Fertilizers: How To Use Them On Seedlings and Plant Starts”

Common Medicinal Plants

I admit I am not too fond of modern medicine.  While I think it has a place, I believe that nature is amazing.  There are so many undiscovered plants that have the potential to possess many medicinal properties. There are also common medicinal plants that have been used since the beginning of time. These plethora of herbsContinue reading “Common Medicinal Plants”

Flowers for Bees

There are a lot of pollinators in the world, but the most efficient and well known are bees. Bees and other pollinators are the backbones of our food system. They carry pollen from one plant to another, fertilizing the plants, making them capable of producing fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Creating an oasis of pollinator-friendly plants helps theContinue reading “Flowers for Bees”