What are Gardening Zones – Beginner Gardening Series

When you first get into gardening, you need to understand that not everything will not grow everywhere!  This concept is critical information.  Despite how much you may want to grow something most times, it is not happening.  That is because plants originated in different areas of the world and were then brought to America or […]

How to use succession planting to improve your harvests

What is succession planting? Succession planting is the practice of having another plant ready to replace the one that is finishing and ready to harvest.  This method can help you get more harvests out of your space.  Succession planting is the practice of planting crops on a set interval, for example, sowing beans or carrots […]

Vertical Gardening: 5 Ways It Maximizes Garden Space

Vertical gardening is one great way to maximize your gardening space. When I say vertical gardening, I am not talking about vertically building/stacking raised beds or containers.  I am referring to training a plant to grow against a vertical structure; Like a wall, trellis, fence, or any other vertical plane.  Have you ever grown watermelon […]

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