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Welcome to my blog! My name is Timothy Hammond, and I am the Big City Gardener. I started down this road in 2017 with no idea where I was going. My parents are both avid gardeners as well as their parents and probably all the way back down the family tree.  So, I have been playing around in gardens for my entire life, and  I like to say I am true to this, not new to this.

Urban Gardener, Creator, Influencer and Thinker of Fresh Ideas

Upon joining Instagram, I noticed a few things. One, there weren’t many minority gardeners showcasing urban gardening. Second, what I thought were simple everyday tasks and knowledge seemed foreign to others. And third, that nobody made gardening dope or approachable.

With Big City Gardener, I decided to tackle these three issues.  As well as, I believe everyone has a green thumb, but the only way to find out is to get in the garden, get your hands dirty, and Just Grow It.

I still think writing and talking about myself is awkward, so rather than read this about you page, check out the resources from Big City Gardener.  The in-depth blog articles here on this site, the short-form content available on any social media platform, or turn on the Just Grow it Podcast.  These resources serve one purpose: show the world how dope gardening is, remove any fear or reservations associated with gardening, and inspire millions to JUST GROW IT.


Big City Gardener’s mission is simple; to help you just grow it!

No matter the size of your space, Big City Gardener encourages growing healthy foods for nutrition and medicine. Thank you for visiting today, and if you wish to learn more about growing, just check out my blog!


There’s so much knowledge you can gain from growing, so just grow it!

Connecting With Nature

Gardening helps people remember that we need nature, and nature needs us. We’re all connected, through food and through gardening.

Making The World A Greener Place

Big City Gardener aims to share gardening tips, teach growing techniques, and chronicle of my own at-home growing adventures. We, gardeners, can make the world a better, greener place. Join me on my journey as we help rebuild you and give back to Mother Earth, one plant at a time.

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